An American company First Texas Products is one of the leading manufacturers of metal detectors. However, Whites engineers decided to leave a standard plug-in for head-phones and an embedded speaker in the device. They create a much deeper search field that’s shaped like a blade rather than a cone. There are two primary types of search coils which are concentric coils and DD coils. They’re called search coils, and they’re responsible for sending out the magnetic fields that detect valuable metals (or sometimes, trash). A “notching” capability is also desirable, as this allows you to choose specific target IDs that you’ve identified as being the metals you’re most interested in. These allow you to ignore target IDs that are lower on the scale and likely to be returned by nails, bottle tops or other useless items. You can also use the same machine for all of your hunting as opposed to the PI where you should only really use it for beach hunting. All you need is to be hit by one wave while metal detecting digging your hole, and the machine is toast if it’s not waterproof. The major benefit to PI machines is their superior depth in highly mineralized areas like salt water beaches. Natural gold is defined as the gold contained in the ground from nature, such as golf nuggets and gold sand. When we talk about detecting gold, we can distinguish between worked gold and natural gold. It is therefore not necessary to buy the most expensive detector directly to find a lot of gold but I can advise you to buy one of which you can learn a lot, a detector with many features.

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You can adjust the coil to discriminate or exclude certain types of metal, thus stopping you from wasting time digging up old nails. You can use this pinpointer on its own, or with a standard metal detector to help locate finds more accurately. This is one of the best metal detector models available for the beginner that offers all the features required to make a successful start to your hobby. A high-frequency metal detector is best if gold is your top priority. The coil, as the name suggests, is good for hunting for gold coins (and others too) within a narrow range of depth for a change. It is important to note though that the standard head phones that come with the AT Pro aren’t waterproof (so don’t use them in the water). For me, I use the Garrett AT Pro whenever I deci,de to get wet when treasure hunting. The device has 10 search modes: 5 modes have pre-set ground balance and Fe-Co settings. This allows more precise defining of the target type (non-ferrous or ferrous metal), its size and depth. Not a single manufacturing company in the world was able to install GPS into its metal detector. It is really great at discriminating between silver, gold, and other metals so you have a good idea of what you’ve located before you ever start digging. This detector easily competes with the more expensive models and out-performs them all. It is incredibly lightweight at only a little over two pounds and it has built-in metal rejection abilities. There is only one knob for you to set the discrimination. It’s a stripped down version of Tesoro’s high end detectors and it’s a great choice for hunting coins and relics in a variety of settings. The fast grab technology from Fisher allows for impeccable ground balance. The F75 offers double-filtered discrimination for areas that are especially trashy or mineralized. Electronic pinpoint gets featured for a quick recovery, and it has eight sensitivity controls. It increass in volume as you get closer to your target. The BHJS has a target indicator that measures the strength of the signal.